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The Art of Improv

Drop In Improv Classes

August 10 - September 14

Wednesdays, 7pm - 8:30pm

Locartion: Wunderbar - 201 S. West Street, Syracuse NY 13202


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We improvise everyday in almost every situation.  At its core, good improv is just effective  communication. No matter our career or chosen path, the ability to effectively communicate is an invaluable skill which will serve us throughout our lives. Through the power of YES, the development of spontaneity, and the emphasis on active listening, students of improv are better equipped to kick mother fucking ass, generally speaking. 



• Hone active listening skills

• Develop spontaneity and confidence in communication 

• Learn and harness the power of eye contact, breath, and mirroring

• Learn how to apply the “rules of improv” to everyday situations and everyday communication

• Develop physical awareness

• Learn the elements of narrative 


Instructed by Tanner Efinger

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