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For its inaugural presentation, taking place from April 25th to May 7th of 2023, the SALTLAND Theatre Festival seeks to showcase theatrical productions that create new experiences for audiences of all ages in Central New York.  Festival productions will be a mix of brand new works and innovative re-tellings of previously produced work.  We are especially excited to receive production submissions that embody narratives written, directed, performed by, and about, historically underrepresented individuals, as well as work that speaks to theatre for young audiences and community engaged works.


Theatre productions accepted into the SALTLAND Theatre Festival will have the option to also be included in a curation of other forms of art (e.g., spoken word, podcasts, book readings) to explore the crossroads where Art intersects.  The hope is to have the venues that house each of the theatrical productions to also host other forms of art that speak to similar themes as the theatrical productions selected for the festival to engage audiences in a conversation about art.


Submissions close 11:59pm ET on February 1, 2023.

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